• Kay McKinley

Stressless Pooch Photos

With your camera or iPhone and some tips, you can capture a photo of your pet that will reproduce beautifully on your Paws and Patterns bag.

1. Backgrounds are so important. Keep uncluttered and a neutral color that will contrast with your pet's fur. For example, a white dog on a white blanket makes it hard to distinguish the pet's form and even harder for me to use Photoshop to "cut out" the background.

2. Use a well lit room or take the photo outside so your pet's features are easily visible. Avoid shadows. Open shade or a slightly cloudy day is best.

3. Rarely has any dog I've owned looked at me for any period of time when behind a camera, unless there was something else of interest on top of me. Take a treat or favorite toy and place it on top of your head (not kidding!) or right next to the camera. I've been known to tuck a Cheeto behind my ear that was still within the dog's view. It's easier, of course, if you have a helper!

A "meow" or two is also an attention getter.

4. If you need to use a leash, do it! I can Photoshop it out. Also, for the black-and-white patterned bags, I can convert your color photo.

5. Have fun and take a break if need be. Some of the best photos are made when you least expect it!

Top: Right

Bottom: Wrong!






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